Let’s just pretend for a moment you run a small business with 10-20 employees all constantly using the latest technology has to offer and ALWAYS printing documents for your client base and in house records. How in the world do you figure out what your monthly copy volume is and more importantly if you are getting a good yield out of your ink and toners. Tip #1: How many cases of paper do you buy per month? This is a good way to get a feed on just how much paper you run through the printers. Tip #2: When you put in a fresh toner refresh all the paper trays and have someone mark down every time they refill that tray with paper. Trays hold anywhere from 150-1000 sheets of paper at a time. This will help you in determining how many sheets you are running per bottle of toner. Most of the time you will find that you are spending way too much money on toners and if you are asking “well, how do I rectify this issue?”. The answer is a secret and I only tell secrets over a cup of coffee so call and make an appointment!