Have you ever had a company come into your office and perform a free cost analysis? When I say cost analysis do you scratch your head? Our quick and painless service known as the “CBS - Better Bang For Your Buck” is our way of earning your trust and confidence. CBS dispatches one of our knowledgeable solutions specialists to your office with a checklist of concerns that you then answer to the best of your ability. Examples, what kind of machine do you have and how long is it on lease? What is the ballpark price you are currently paying monthly? Are all consumables included? Are service calls included? Parts included? Do you get charged for scanning? The goal for CBS is to learn all the specifics about your hub (main copier/printer) then learn about your individual printers, faxes, all in one machines and scanners. After this thirty minute process is over we give you a comprehensive spread sheet which shows you how much you are currently paying monthly, on average, a list of other companies prices and whether or not we or our competition are a better bang for your buck. We could really care less if you decide to use our company and our products we are looking for your trust so that we may be involved in your business whether through a referral basis or as a part of our business family. Call us anytime to speak with a representative about this product. 1-800-338-8089 and ask for a Solutions Specialist.