Backup & Recovery

What would a BDR solution be without solid backups? Our disk-based NAS allows for quick and easy point-in-time snapshots, which take just minutes and won’t impact your environment. Only the changes to your data are backed up. Restoration is just as easy, mount your backup file as a drive on the NAS and copy what you need locally or to the network.

After the initial base backup, all future backups are incremental. Our BDR solution backups are not by files, but by the block level. This is below the file and folder level, and is more efficient. An incremental chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows.

Application Recovery

Backup and restore SQL, Sharepoint, and AD databases without additional agents. Just connect to one of your point-in-time snapshots, find your database and transaction log files, and restore using drag and drop functionality. Our solution also allows for easy document recovery of Sharepoint files through the file explorer.