If Wal-Mart sold Hurricanes they would be located on isle FL.

I think we all know at this point that being residents of FL we live in Hurricane World!! But have you ever thought “What if this Hurricane season all my precious documents are destroyed”. From pictures and video to credit card statements or even the client documents at your office. What if? What would you do if they were suddenly destroyed? The good news, you ask? We have the answer to all these worries. We are only a phone call or email away.


This week and this week only! CBS know’s that you are not happy with the current equipment in your office. We also know that sometimes it is hard to break away from your current vendor, you just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and we understand that. Right now, if you buy a new Bizhub from CBS we will provide a few sticks of dynamite that can be inserted into your current machine! This will allow for a great reason to call the current vendor and tell him you switched to CBS! When they ask why just tell them that their copier blew up! You had no choice!

Come and get your free information!

At CBS we are not big fans of bids or quotes.. we don’t believe in wasting your time. In most cases when we are talking with a new client they inform us that they will be getting four or five different quotes. Let’s face it, NO ONE LIKES A SALESMAN why would you want to deal with four or five!? With CBS you get to tell us what YOU want to pay and if we can’t meet your needs, we WILL tell you! You don’t get any smoke in your ears when you are dealing with us. Give us a call or shoot an email if you are interested in meeting some people that would rather just talk than sell you anything. Check the bottom left corner of the webpage for the contact information!

The little things we do.

Some times it is the little things that count. Like holding equipment in our warehouse space for customers that have upgraded to our equipment and don’t have a home for their old copier. Guess what? We will even do our best to re-sell the product to someone in need of a great deal. Heck, we will even split the profit with you! Maybe you should consider this small but helpful fact next time you are in the market for some office equipment. And if we can’t sell it, there is always the baseball bat in the parking lot option. Maybe we could sell tickets! $1.00 gets you two swings at the old copier!

Free pizza???

Here at CBS we believe in feeding our employees, at-least once a week.. Every Friday @ CBS we order a few pizza’s from Stone Creek Pizza CO. in Port St. John. If you would like to stop in and try to grab a slice before any of the technicians can get their hands on them. Or you could call and let us know you are coming down so we can order enough, please feel free!