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Community Banks. Customer Service, Cost Savings and Laserfiche

How do you increase profits in a complex multi-regulatory environment? By providing quality customer service, accelerated to the speed of today’s technology. Our Laserfiche product suite provides end-to-end enterprise content management with a focus on information privacy and security. The result? Better customer service, streamlined back-office processes and increased profitability. In todays harsh economy a business’s best practice is to cut spending and balance budgets. So the question is how do we accomplish this and still keep customer satisfaction on the rise. Laserfiche’s fully integrated business process management capability’s allow you to enter a new age in banking, one that ensure’s staff spending time on customer-facing activities, instead of on customer-related back-office activities. Our product will help to eliminate paper files and automate the loan process, implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, cut the cost of compliance, integrate with COLD, check imaging and AS/400 systems.

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