Desktop printer with an office grade attitude

Save space without compromising on print quality with the best multifunction printer on the market: the magicolor 1690MF from Konica Minolta. This compact printer quickly delivers 20 ppm B&W and 5 ppm color output and features a monthly duty cycle of 35,000 prints.

Copier and Printer Cost Analysis from CBS

Have you ever had a company come into your office and perform a free cost analysis? When I say cost analysis do you scratch your head? Our quick and painless service known as the “CBS - Better Bang For Your Buck” is our way of earning your trust and confidence. CBS dispatches one of our knowledgeable solutions specialists to your office with a checklist of concerns that you then answer to the best of your ability. Examples, what kind of machine do you have and how long is it on lease? What is the ballpark price you are currently paying monthly? Are all consumables included? Are service calls included? Parts included? Do you get charged for scanning? The goal for CBS is to learn all the specifics about your hub (main copier/printer) then learn about your individual printers, faxes, all in one machines and scanners. After this thirty minute process is over we give you a comprehensive spread sheet which shows you how much you are currently paying monthly, on average, a list of other companies prices and whether or not we or our competition are a better bang for your buck. We could really care less if you decide to use our company and our products we are looking for your trust so that we may be involved in your business whether through a referral basis or as a part of our business family. Call us anytime to speak with a representative about this product. 1-800-338-8089 and ask for a Solutions Specialist.

Why should I use print management?

I don’t know… Why should you? How many printers are in your office? Do you buy cartridges for them? Do they ever break? Do you ever have to replace any of them with a new printer? If you said yes to any of those questions you have a chance to qualify for our product. But, more importantly, would you rather your employees do the job you pay them for (hourly) or would you rather them try to constantly have to deal with these devices? Do you feel like you are paying to much for toner and ink? If there was an option to save money you probably would not be interested, right? Do you ever wonder if there is a better way than buying a $299.00 printer every 6 months to a year? We might not be the right fit for your company when dealing with these needs but we don’t charge to find out. So, you decide, our number is on the left hand side of this page or there are plenty of other websites you can be visiting right now.

Print Management Software

“The economic downturn had a distinct upside for us. Because companies were forced to do more with less—less employees and less resources — we had to find innovative ways to save money and operate more efficiently. This is the bread and butter of our managed print services. The changes are driving new customer needs — and these are not temporary. They reflect broad, long-term trends in the way companies do business. It’s the new normal, and that suits us just fine.”

Who cares how much.. Just buy it!

Let’s just pretend for a moment you run a small business with 10-20 employees all constantly using the latest technology has to offer and ALWAYS printing documents for your client base and in house records. How in the world do you figure out what your monthly copy volume is and more importantly if you are getting a good yield out of your ink and toners. Tip #1: How many cases of paper do you buy per month? This is a good way to get a feed on just how much paper you run through the printers. Tip #2: When you put in a fresh toner refresh all the paper trays and have someone mark down every time they refill that tray with paper. Trays hold anywhere from 150-1000 sheets of paper at a time. This will help you in determining how many sheets you are running per bottle of toner. Most of the time you will find that you are spending way too much money on toners and if you are asking “well, how do I rectify this issue?”. The answer is a secret and I only tell secrets over a cup of coffee so call and make an appointment!